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What is Retirement Strategies, Inc.?

A company which helps our clients structure their financial life in a way which is both manageable and effective, and results in the attainment of their most important financial goals, such as making sure their money lasts through their retirement years.

Why do businesses need our services?

We can help develop strategies that can reduce taxes and employee turnover, and provide financial security for the businesses and their employees.  By helping businesses with benefits such as Pension, Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans, our business clients get the most from the investment they have made in their business.

Why do retirees or those nearing retirement need our services?

Most retirees have, for most of their lives, lived the life described below.  They have not had the time, energy, or support needed to become an expert in the complex world of financial management.  Now, they are faced with the huge responsibility of making sure their retirement money lasts.  They need our help, because we have spent our careers, learning and implementing the strategies they now need.

Why do younger people need the services of Retirement Strategies, Inc.?

Most people are very proficient and effective in their careers.  Within their skill sets and using the support systems of their company, they use available information to make good decisions, making money for themselves and/or their company.  Once they get home, however, things start to get a little “blurry”.  When they enter their home they are hit with all the “urgent” matters of everyday life, and fail to get around to some of the most “important” issues.  They have no support system to help them gather and analyze information and too often they simply make no decisions or, what is sometimes worse, they make poor decisions.  In the best case scenario, this can cause them and their families to lose money and not reach long term goals.  In the worst case, they could lose everything financially.  

Like these people, we are very proficient and effective in our career, and our career is to be their support system, once they get home, so that the good financial decisions are made there as well.

What is the process used by Retirement Strategies, Inc.?

It begins with data gathering to establish what our clients’ goals are and what they are doing currently to attain those goals. From our analysis, different strategies are developed, offering our clients multiple ways to solve different problems.

The next step is co-creation, during which we present how different strategies might impact the client’s situation.  From this information, we and the client decide how we will proceed.

We then facilitate the implementation of the steps, which have been decided upon.

Lastly, we periodically monitor the results of our steps, to insure that as factors change, our  plan is still effective in reaching your goals.

For a free consultation to see if we may be able to help make your financial life more effective and less hectic, contact us.